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Breastfeeding is a normal way of providing nutrients required for babies’ growth and development. The time to establish breastfeeding can be variable and influenced by mothers and babies circumstances. In the rooming in room, safety must come first especially for high risk babies, so one should understand the use of neonatal feeding record. The healthcare workers should be aware of the danger signs, such as hypoglycaemia, dehydration, and significant weight loss.

There are challenges to establish enteral feeding in very preterm infants. On one hand the problems of NEC, feeding intolerance, and gut immaturity are always discussed and taken into consideration. On the other hand, feeds are often graded up too slow or babies are kept nil by mouth for long period without considering the consequences of infection, cholestasis and growth faltering. Fortified breast milk and supplementation are very important to avoid bone mineral disease especially in very preterm infants group. The screening of bone mineral disease is very crucial for prevention and further management.

This Webinar session will describe the state of the advanced science of neonatal nutrition within the NICU population with a greater risk for breastfeeding-associated re-hospitalization with the practical guidelines of breastfeeding establishment, also the strategy and management of enteral feeding practice.