About PICU NICU Update


The pace of change in healthcare is phenomenal even though the level of income per capita is seemingly better; however the mortality rate of the population is not declining. Hence the increase of various types of new diseases, and the rapid development of medical technologies, that are not accompanied by ministers of healthcare have become an inevitable challenge in a climate of national education though formal disciplines, to deliver civilized professional healthcare, both in terms of understanding the scientific concepts profoundly; the appropriate standardizations and the advances with the rapid growth of techniques, technologies and knowledge, as well as the support, both moral and material, in learning.

The Indonesian PICU NICU Updates have been serving its purpose for years as a unique platform to exchange updates and discussing interplay between critical therapies, both national and international levels for optimal outcomes in critically ill neonatal and children. It has been playing an important role in this continuing learning journey by providing expertise and resources to complement existing pedagogy and strategic methodologies-blended-teaching and learning module in emergency and critical care fields. Through education and learning, The Indonesian PICU NICU Updates offers a wide spectrum of programmes covering pediatric and multidisciplinary topics in developing healthcare educations, creating the new-breed skilled manpower, and enhancing learning processes through a suite of its expertise and resources.

The Indonesian PICU NICU Update is well poised to provide quality healthcare education and learning to nurture from physicians – primarily pediatricians and its subspecialties; professionals across the healthcare disciplines; doctors, nurses to allied healthcare professionals, with a holistic set of skills essential for professional development and growth through the benefit of curriculum, teaching methodologies and learning efficiencies.