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Parenteral nutrition is indicated when it is not possible to establish sufficient enteral nutrition for a prolonged period for sick and premature infants. However, delivering the parenteral administration in limited resources is still a challenge to optimise targeted nutritional requirements of the high risk infants. Also, safe prescription, preparation and administration of neonatal parenteral nutrition requires multidisciplinary teams. Whilst, enteral feeding with breast milk for sick and premature infants is always the best choice. Maintaining the availability of breast milk as a source of complete nutrition in neonatal unit for sick and preterm infants remains a challenge. Thus, support needs to be continuously given to the mothers so the babies will benefit from breast milk. Recent studies showed that withholding enteral feeding to premature babies during the blood transfusion may prevent the development of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC).

The Webinar session will answer the basic clinical questions and practical guidelines on how to deliver appropriate nutritional management with parenteral nutrition in limited resources. Provision of breast milk for the sick and premature infants is very important and feeding during blood transfusion in preterm infants has to be ceased to avoid common complication such as NEC. The systematic review with available evidence will be provided on how to deliver the safety and sustainable feeding practice to provide appropriate nutritional management of sick and premature infants.