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Pediatric Critical Care aims on saving the lives of sick and injured children, however, most children die without access to Pediatric Critical Care. Since the diverse of structure; patients characteristic and outcome between PICUs with different resources may add evidence to the need for more standardization in PICUs with limited resources as well as front liner health cares to improve the care provided for severely ill children. With progress towards attainment of the Millennium Development Goals across the world, there has been a significant drop in child mortality in most countries, nevertheless the issues such as nutrition, immunization, access to clean water and sanitation, and access to healthcare are still challenging in Indonesia, Pediatric Critical Care will become an increasingly important part of any strategy to reduce childhood deaths.

This Webinar will review the global perspective of Pediatric Critical Care; how to improve the care provided for severely ill children due to reducing mortality rates in children, as well as the most basic and strategic management of Pediatric Critical Care for pain management & sedation assessment; electrolytes, and acid-base homeostasis in particular scale, which has an impact to the child health development.