8th Indonesian PICU NICU Update

Theme: “Fighting Infection in Early Life & Optimizing Long Term Developmental Outcome”
Venue: The Trans Luxury Hotel, BANDUNG
Dates: 19 - 21, 22 - 23 APRIL 2016

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Our Favorite Regular Course

To learn the indications; physiology; respiratory mechanism; and principal of mechanical ventilation in critically ill pediatrics, learn about initial parameters; how to choose initial settings & adjustment as well as monitoring and weaning of mechanical ventilator support in sick children.

Our Teamwork

Integrated Neonatal and Pediatric Critical Care Nursing Symposium, Pediatric Critical Care Nursing and Neonatal Critical Care Nursing Course will provide our teamwork of the critical care for the better outcome.

We urge the Physicians entire Indonesia to support this programme within his workplace to give more horizon for his nursing teamwork.

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