The two days conference will host scientific and technical sessions on cutting edge research and latest research innovations in the field of Pediatrics & Neonatal Critical Care in conducting lectures and updated information, meeting with current and potential expertise, and making a splash with new medicine developments, and receive name recognition at this 2-day enchanting program. This is your best opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participants from the Pediatricians Community.

The national and international collaboration Workshops are also available in pre/post-setting to intense your awareness with comprehensive hands-on management and fruitful clinical experience sharing, assess strategies for early prevention and treatment to meet the goal of optimal quality of life for preterm infants and children.

Organized by collaboration of Pediatric Emergency and Intensive Care (ERIA) and Neonatology Working Group/Indonesian Pediatric Society, and with the endorsement of regional Indonesian Pediatric Society, the annual Indonesian PICU NICU Update has been continuously kept its work force to share its leading clinical and management practice innovations in the field of pediatric and neonates critical care to its growing followers.

The Annual Indonesian PICU NICU Update is your opportunity to enhance your specialty and promote the art and science of pediatric and neonatal intensive care, raising awareness amongst doctors and other allied healthcare professionals in the field. The Annual Indonesian PICU NICU Update gives plenty of opportunities to share views, exchange knowledge and establish collaborations & networking.

By joining this Event we hope the Registrants will get innovative ideas to address a renewed understanding of the vital assessment with clear and aligned definitions of health outcomes in newborn and intervention packages aimed to save lives and improve health in children.