An Overview

If you are involved in infants and children health care in emergencies and critical care, field, consider joining the Indonesian Pediatric Critical Care Foundation. The Indonesian Pediatric Critical Care Foundation is the professional home of multi disciplines physicians and subspecialists as well as other child health providers, including general practitioners and nurses.

We provide continuing learning journey by expertise in tools, information and resources to help practitioners provide the highest quality health care and new-breed skilled manpower through existing pedagogy and strategic methodologies-blended-teaching and learning module in emergency and critical care fields.

The mission is accomplished by promoting the professional growth and development of its diverse membership, representing general health professionals in pediatric emergency medicine and critical care, child health research, pediatric medical educations and related disciplines.


The PICNIC Club provides a huge array of benefits and services to keep you up-to-date and informed. Join now for enchanting learning journey and enjoy the benefits of membership. Get special discount member to join PICNIC ACADEMIA programme.

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